Beaver Uniforms

Where do Beavers’ badges go on their uniforms? The guide below will help you understand where to sew those badges.

Scarf and Uniform


Beavers wear a turquoise blue jumper with blue combat-style trousers.

The 2nd Amersham on the Hill scarf is black with a green edge. It is secured with a “woggle”; the colour of the woggle denotes the lodge the beaver belongs to.

You must provide a uniform and scarf for your beaver. Your beaver receives a woggle and badges when they are invested.

Fox’s Outdoor in Old Amersham near Tesco sell Beaver uniforms and the 2nd Amersham on the Hill scarf. Beaver uniforms are also available on-line.

Chest Badges


To the left of the scarf is the purple Membership Badge worn by all Scouts worldwide. The small square badge with a number in it, which shows the number of years the Beaver has been a member is worn above the Membership Badge.

To the right of the scarf are diamond Challenge Badges. Beavers earn Challenge Badges during colony meetings as they work towards their Bronze Award, which is the highest award a Beaver can earn.

Right Arm Badges


These badges show the name of the colony the beaver belongs to, “Woodlander”, “Forester” or “Dambusters”; our group, “2nd Amersham on the Hill”; the district we belong to, “Misbourne Valley”; and our county, “Buckinghamshire”

Sew these badges below the “Scouts” logo, in the arrangement shown in the picture with the county badge to the right of the district badge.

Left Arm Badges


Activity badges go on the left arm. These are circular badges that the beaver earns during activities at colony meetings.

Some of the badges are “staged” badges; you recognise them because they have a number inside them. For instance the “Hikes Away” badge which is earnt when the Beaver has undertaken 1, 5 or 10 hikes. You can replace the 1 Hikes Away badge with the 5 Hikes Away badge as the Beaver progresses and when the Beaver moves to cubs, you can sew staged badges earnt at Beavers onto their cub uniform.

Sew the left arm badges in two columns.