Hall Bookings

Our beautiful new hall is now available for bookings.

Use this form to make a booking at Jubilee Hall. Scroll down the page for more information and pictures.

Viewings for the halls and kitchen take place on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month between 11am and 1pm, subject to volunteer availability. Please email 2AOHscoutgroup@gmail.com to arrange a viewing.

Terms and Conditions

Click here to read our terms and conditions for room hire and fire evacuation regulations before making a booking.


We have two halls; this diagram shows the layout of our largest hall, which can be used as one large space or partitioned into two separate rooms. We have named the partitioned rooms “Walter Raleigh” and “Edmund Hilary”. The smaller hall is named “Ernest Shackleton”. We also have a meeting room and kitchen.

  • Walter Raleigh 10.5m x 10m. Capacity 60 people. Serving hatch to kitchen. Store room (limited capacity). Ethernet points.
  • Edmund Hilary 10.5m x 10m. Capacity 100 people. Store room (limited capacity). Ethernet points. Climbing wall (Scout activities only).
  • Nightingale Meeting room. 5m x 2.75m. Capacity 10 people. Meeting table and chairs. Ethernet points. Wall mounted smart TV (May 2021).

Seating Options

This diagram shows seating options for the large hall.

This diagram shows seating options for the smaller hall.

Rates (per hour)

Main Hall (both rooms)£36£51 before 6pm
£81 after 6pm
Walter Raleigh (half Main Hall)£21£31£31
Edmund Hilary (half Main Hall)£21£31£31
Ernest Shackleton (Smaller Hall)£26£36£36
Nightingale (Meeting Room)£11£13£13

In Pictures

Large Hall

This is the main hall. It can be partitioned into two smaller halls as shown below.
The large hall with the partition partly closed.
The two rooms formed when the partition is closed are called “Walter Raleigh” and “Edmund Hilary”.
Climbing wall in the main hall.

Smaller Hall (Ernest Shackleton)

The smaller hall, named “Ernest Shackleton”.


Our kitchen looking towards the hatch that opens to the smaller hall.
The kitchen with the hatch open to the large hall.


Plenty of parking.

Around the Hall

Rear elevation.