Scout Badges

Scout Uniforms

Where do you sew badges on a scout uniform? Scouts earn lots of badges but it isn’t always obvious where to sew them. The guide below will help you.

Scarf and Uniform

Scout Scarf

Scouts wear a dark green shirt with blue combat-style trousers.

The 2nd Amersham on the Hill scarf is black with a green edge. It is secured with a “woggle”, which is usually a leather band but can be made of any material.

You must provide a uniform, scarf and woggle for your scout. Your scout receives their badges when they are invested.

Fox’s Outdoor in Old Amersham near Tesco sell Scout uniforms and the 2nd Amersham on the Hill scarf. Scout uniforms are also available on-line.

Left Chest Badges

Scout Left Chest

To the left of the scarf is the purple Membership Badge worn by all Scouts worldwide.

Above the Membership Badge, sew the small square badges that denote how long the scout has been in the Scout Movement (including their time as a Cub and a Beaver).

Right Chest Badges

Scour Right Chest

To the right of the scarf are diamond Challenge Badges. Scouts earn Challenge Badges during troop meetings as they work towards their Gold Award, which is the highest award a Scout can earn. If the scout earnt their Silver Award at Cubs, sew it above the Challenge Badges.

If the scout attends an international event, they sew a union flag above the challenge badges.

Right Arm Badges

Scout Right Arm

The “troop” badge varies depending on the troop the scout is in; “Titan”, “Thor” or “Woden”. The other badges are the same for all scouts at 2nd Amersham on the Hill.

Sew these badges below the “Scouts” logo, in the arrangement shown in the picture.

If the scout is a patrol leader or assistant patrol leader, sew their rank badge below the other badges on this arm. A patrol leader’s badge has two yellow stripes on a blue background and an assistant patrol leader’s badge has one yellow stripe on a blue background.

Left Arm Badges

Scout Left Arm

Activity badges go on the left arm. These are circular badges that the scout earns during activities at troop meetings.

Some Activity Badges are “staged”, ie earnt in stages as the scout progresses through scouts. For instance the “Hikes Away” badge is earnt in 1 hike, 5 hike, 10 hike and 20 hike stages. You can sew staged badges earnt at cubs onto the scout uniform and replace them as the scout progresses. Staged badges have a small number on them to show they are staged.

Sew the Activity Badges in two columns if necessary.